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2016 Annual Family Christmas Photo

Posted by on December 2, 2016

Bertelson Bunch 2016I am feeling SO proud of myself that I actually got this accomplished BEFORE the beginning of December even!!

I mailed out the 70+  cards we are sending on Nov 30th!!  I like to wait until those have been delivered (well at least the majority of US bound ones, I know the UK, Japan, Canada & Mexico ones will take longer) before I post the online version (you can click on the photo for a larger version.)

2016 prooved impossible to actually get all 6 of the Bertelson Bunch actually in the same place at the same time! Having adult children (7 more months and ALL 4 of the M&M’s will be in their 20’s !!!) means that work & college schedules don’t play nice.

So we decided to stick with the Modern Technology theme again this year. Last year we “tried” to do a #SelfieStick shot but ended up using a lovely photo taken by our oldest daughter’s fiance Jonny.  So this year (since let’s be honest we all spend a large chunk of our daily lives looking at our cell phones) we decided to do a screenshot of our phone with a recent photo of ourselves as the background.

Question: Anyone figured out the significance of the times on each screenshot?

That way everyone could email me the screenshot and I could whip up the 5×7 photo card design … AND I got to use the AWESOME Walgreens 50% off (LIVEITUP50) coupon!!

Matt managed to get his pup Maitei in his screenshot and I added in recent photos of our 2 pups.

So as this crazy year ends, we wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS and may 2017 be AMAZING!!!

Enjoy – here is the link to ALL the past Annual Christmas Photos

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